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שאלות נפוצות

כאן תמצאו את התשובות לכל השאלות, איך כמה ולמה.
ואם לא מצאתם, מוזמנים לדבר איתנו

  • How much does a movie cost?
    The budget in most of our projects ranges from NIS 30,000 to NIS 100,000, but we can help with most types of budgets, the minimum required for a project is NIS 10,000. The most decisive factor for the budget is the concept, which will determine things like actors, locations to rent, number of shooting days needed, etc. Contact us and we can figure out what the best budget is for your project.
  • What is the process of producing a film?
    Each project is unique, we are constantly refining and improving our process with clients, the videos are created in exact accordance with the needs of each client. We try to be in maximum communication and cooperation with each client throughout the entire process.
  • How long does it take to produce a film?
    On average, from start to final video, it usually takes between 3-8 weeks, but every project is different and we are very flexible. Do you need a movie for yesterday? No problem! Email us now. We need to start!
  • What types of films do you make?
    We can help with any type of video but our specialty is mainly product videos, brand/company videos, customer stories, animations and social media videos.
  • Who produces the concept for the film?
    We are completely open. If you have a great idea, bring it to us and we can make it happen. We can collaborate and come up with ideas together or you can rely on our strategy and creative experts to come up with the best video for your goals.

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